Posted By Karlie on 12/25/20

People from all over the world feel as though there’s a higher power. They do everything they can throughout life to please whatever god it is that they worship. Most fear that they’ll be banished to an eternity in hell if they don’t obey his every command. The churches and places of worship almost always have people in positions of power. We heard stories all the time of these people abusing their power to sexually have their way with those that are much younger and in fear of disobeying. Right now viewers can get up to 83% off with a YesFather discount and enjoy scripted scenarios that play out fantasies that will surely land them a front-row seat in the hell of their choice.

The young men you’ll find here are smooth, slender, and as innocent-looking, as you can get. They’ll do whatever it takes to get into heaven, even if that means sucking cock or taking a throbbing dick up the ass. This is a site that will both arouse you and make you cringe.


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