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There’s just something that stirs the excitement in most people when it comes to danger. It’s no wonder that thrillers is such a hit when it comes to visual entertainment, be it Hollywood or whatever. Action movies, with kidnappings, bank robberies, shootouts and all kinds of threatening scenarios really gets our pulses going and we enjoy it immensely.

It’s no wonder that so many people add a little but of the danger element when it comes to sex because the combination of the two can just not be beaten. Have you ever had a quickie in public place where you might be discovered at any moment?

At helpless boys the premise revolves around kidnapping. Some handsome young guy is hitchhiking or his car broke down and he gets a lift from some good Samaritan, who turns out to have some less noble intentions.

You’ll have to watch the rest for yourself else I’d spoil it.

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