Posted By Admin on 02/09/19

This stud was totally pushing me to my limits but what he didn’t know was I knew exactly what he had planned. He was always going to be the guy that took my heart and worked it to his own advantage. At least that’s what he thought, if only he knew that I’d taken a few dick pills to counter his advances.

The real challenge now is seeing if he can actually talk the talk. I want to see just how long he can keep it up with me and then I’ll know once and for all if he’s actually on the level. This isn’t going to be yet another one of those brief but sexy gay sex chats that we all have. I want to take things to a whole new level and for once he might be the one to do it.

Time will only tell and don’t worry we’ve got plenty of that to go around. A real hunk knows when to make his mark and this stud is up for the challenge. I won’t keep him waiting for too much longer, not when that cock of his looks good enough to bounce up and down on!

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